Architecture and interior design

Araque Maqueda not only offers resources and services to construction. We have the support of architects and interior designers specializing in the construction of all kinds of spatial and architectural solutions.
We believe that the construction will necessarily linked to architecture. So much so that it does not understand the one without the other. This idea warrants every constructive decision to attend the global nature of the project and its original idea.
Thanks to our close collaboration with professionals in the architecture, we can effectively manage any transaction related to construction, urban planning and design.
Architecture projects:
New construction, rehabilitation of buildings, reform and extension of buildings, houses and premises, repair of pathologies, installations and structures, installation ofelevators, improves accessibility, removal of architectural barriers, demolition, surveying projects


Urban procedures:

Probate records, projects opening of premises (environmental communication andenvironmental licensing), technical inspections of buildings (ITE), reports of conservation of buildings (ICE), expert reports, certificates of habitability, energy certificates,management of records and documentation in public agencies,…


Design projects:

Interior design, design of gardens, and outdoor design furniture, graphic design, computer graphics and 3D visualizations,…


Full turnkey service of construction

You need to manage any transaction or are looking for the support of a companyWe will take care of everything.