Single-family house renovation in Pinoso

In renovation projects we always advise to maintain the essence of the original building. If we were talking about an apartment located in a block of flats it would be interesting to give it a modern touch, but in an old building it is convenient to keep its most prominent elements.

In this single-family house between shared walls in Pinoso we combined these basic principles with the promoter’s particular taste for the French Provençal style. Here is the result!

Project details

Client: Particular
Location: Pinoso, Alicante, Spain
Project type: Single-family house renovation
Intervention area: 160
Phase: Finished


Already from the entrance to the house you can appreciate many of the most characteristical elements of this style, such as paneled doors, wooden beams preserved from the original building, the vaulted ceiling, the imitation-wood flooring, screens in wrought iron …

Every niche from the original building made of stone with thick load-bearing walls were used to integrate furniture and appliances.

Living room

The living room was conceived as a warm and quiet space. It receives lightness from the backyard through a wrought iron shade, which also serves to separate the kitchen from the living room.

Dining roomd

The dining room was distributed as a passage area between the kitchen and the living room. The doors of the built-in wardrobe keep the same style as the rest of the house doors.


The kitchen was distributed with a very personal taste, maintaining the predominant provençal style and resulting in a large,  comfortable and pleasant area. 


The staircase is a very special piece of this house. It was restored during the renovation works, maintaining its essence and replacing the essential pieces with materials taken from the demolition itself. As a detail to create a link between the ancient and the modern, a glass railing with a wrought iron frame was added on the upper floor.


The upper floor has a large common space which is used as a study area. This area was designed with the intention of creating an additional possible bedroom in the future.


In the private areas more minimalist licenses were taken for practicality, thus being able to play with the decoration to create different environments, according to the evolution of life at home.

They say that devil is in the details, and that is why throughout the whole renovation process every element of the house were studied in detail to create the atmosphere that our clients were looking for.


Rustical details were also considered for the wet areas. The bathrooms were tiled with gloss white brickbond mosaic tiles combined with wood floor tiles, in one case, and with hydraulic floor tiles in the other.


The main idea of the project was to achieve the most amount of natural lighting in the habitable areas through the complete restoration of the backyard patio, excavated in the area of Pinoso caves.

All the existing brick walls in the patio were demolished and, one by one, every stone wall were restored, obtaining as a result very interesting contrasts.

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