Restaurant refurbishment in Altea

Refurbishing a restaurant is always a challenge. It is essential to maintain the corporate image of the business in every corner with the limitations of the space availability.

In this project, the palette of colors chosen is repeated throughout the whole espace, following a very interesting eclectic design.

Project details

Client: Restaurante Díferens Altea
Location: Altea, Alicante
Project type: restaurant refurbishment
Intervention area: 190 m²
Pahse: Finished
Interior design: Reformarketing

Entrance to the restaurant

Mobiliario diseño restaurante Araque Maqueda

The access to the restaurant creates a corridor towards the bar that is subtly separated from the dining room with two rows of custom-made furniture designed specially for this project.

Dinning area

Restaurante Altea Araque Maqueda

The dining room is a large and open space with a lot of natural lighting. At first glance you can see the composition of all the elements with just 4 basic colors.

Mesa restaurante decoración Araque Maqueda

The roof structure was built with metallic profiles lacquered in black and a balanced composition of polystyrene panels, which are characterized by the basic colors that appear in the whole interior design.

Decoración restaurante Araque Maqueda

The tables were also custom-made, taking care of all the details and maintaining a balance between the different colors. The dining room plinth was covered with Porcelanosa wallpaper, thus obtaining a spectacular finish.


Diseño restaurante Araque Maqueda

The main access takes you directly to the bar area located at the back of the restaurant. This is a space with great prominence and a very attractive design.

Barra restaurante Araque Maqueda

The most interesting of this corner is the choice of coatings without leaving the color range chosen. The hydraulic tiles by Vives combine perfectly with the wood, the furniture and the decorative accessories.


Fachada restaurante Araque Maqueda

The terrace of the restaurant was covered with artificial grass, giving a more refreshing atmosphere from the outside.

Fachada restaurante Araque Maqueda

The exterior carpentry was lacquered on-site in black color to give all the prominence to the interior design of the restaurant, where the image of the business is concentrated.

Image gallery

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