Rehabilitate a traditional home

Rehabilitating a traditional home is always a great option if we are looking to live in a single-family home. The possibilities are endless both in distribution and finishes and we can get the house we want. On the other hand, this can have great benefits in energy efficiency thanks to its wide stone walls.

Today we present the rehabilitation we did in this house in the Alicante town of Pinoso, the owners were looking for a modern house with industrial touches where the premise was clear; keep those nice high ceilings and wide stone walls.

Project details

Client: Private
Localtion: Pinoso, Alicante, Spain
Program: Rehabilitation of old house
Intervention Area: 80 m²
Status: Finished


As soon as we enter the house, you can appreciate the amplitude that those high ceilings give, in addition, when they are sloped as we access the living room, the feeling increases. We have sought to follow straight lines and flat surfaces, we achieve this, for example, by embedding the living room closet in the wall so as not to lose space.

Living room

The room is chaired by the home, which will help us heat the house in winter, it is always advisable to keep them in a rehabilitation. With the lamps and the iron and wood shelves we achieve that industrial touch that the owners were looking for.


In the kitchen we took advantage of the natural light that the interior patio gives us to be able to illuminate it, all possible spaces were used for the installation of furniture and having enough space.

Thanks to this natural light we were able to tile the wall with black tiles without losing light in the room.

Details and finishes are very important in all our works. The light strip that was installed under the upper furniture will help us to have a better vision when cooking.

Dinning room

En el salón comedor observamos la perfecta combinación de colores claros y oscuros con los toques industriales que nos dan las lámparas y el mobiliario, también se observa perfectamente la amplitud que dan los techos altos a la estancia.



In the bathrooms, the same color combination has been followed as in the other rooms, combining light with dark colors, in addition to mixing textures, smooth tiles and paints were used that give it that style that clients were looking for.


In the bedrooms, it was sought to give a more minimalist touch, but without losing the style that was sought throughout the house, the continuous color combination, as well as the industrial touches of both the headboard and the lamp.


As in the bedrooms, it was wanted to be a place of concentration, so it was decided to play with the gray tones and sober walls without much decoration to help concentration.

With this house we manage to fulfill the wishes of our clients where we always try to advise and propose ideas that they will like within what they were looking for.


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