Rustic house

Today we bring you a work of a rustic nature with which we have been very satisfied, and of which the following was raised in its beginnings: How can a rustic house be projected that responds to current contemporary space demands? Can the concepts of rustic and contemporary housing go hand in hand in the design phase?

Currently it happens to many of us that when we imagine a rustic design we think of old and dark spaces, but if we add a contemporary aspect to the decoration, what we get is a very versatile and charming decoration.

Let’s see it!

Project Details

Client: Private
Location: Elda, Alicante, Spain
Intervention area: 210,15 m2
Estate: Finished

Salon y cocina de Vivienda rustica por Araque Maqueda

The importance of creating spacious and bright interior spaces, for that same reason, the day area was thought of as a totally open space to connect all its possible interactions. In the space you can see different details to comment on, such as the large high sloping ceilings with existing wooden beams, the rustic style of the flooring with its dark brown tone, the cornice detail on the fireplace, always looking for a chromatic balance.

The kitchen wanted to reflect the personality and taste of our clients, so it was designed using natural materials such as the textured wood that makes up the kitchen cabinets and the lining of the island, giving it artisan details through the placement of iron fittings, which they complement and create a lovely kitchen.

Bancada de cocina de Vivienda rustica por Araque Maqueda Cocina cajones abiertos de Vivienda rustica por Araque Maqueda

Adequate lighting is crucial to achieve a rustic atmosphere in our kitchen, warm lighting is placed by hanging two lamps in the island area complemented with LED strips around the perimeter of the kitchen space, to create a cozy atmosphere where you can enjoy moments unique with your family.

Salon de Vivienda rustica por Araque Maqueda

The living room space is attached to the central space of the house, which, even though it is open, generates that part of privacy.

Dormitorio y vestidor de Vivienda rustica por Araque Maqueda

The rooms in the night area follow the same pattern. In this case, the double room uses neutral textiles with the combination of white walls, first of all the spaces are projected with the idea of not overloading the room excessively, creating a beautiful space but at the same time being practical.

The walls also play a fundamental role, so in the main bathroom a section of the wall is covered with natural stone, to give a more special and welcoming touch to the room.

The guest bathroom follows the same general patterns developed throughout the house, use of natural wood, interior decoration through the placement of neutral materials that do not break the visual and spatial tranquility, the sum of each component generates pleasant spaces. where you want to live.

Estudio rustico de Vivienda rustica por Araque Maqueda

Within the housing program, a space was needed to be able to work and have your disconnection, high ceilings with existing beams which gives us a feeling of spaciousness, not visually loaded and a sense of tranquility, curtains with little fall but in tune with the rest of the house.

Comedor y cocina de Vivienda rustica por Araque Maqueda

From Araque Maqueda we focus on defining and shaping the needs and tastes of the clients, taking into account all the small details that make the house as a whole obtain the expected results. We hope you like!

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