Holiday apartment

In the next work that we are going to show you, we asked ourselves the following question: Should a house for tourist use be equipped or thought of in the same way as for residential use? The answer is no, since the vacation apartment responds to another series of needs and demands that must be fulfilled, without losing the generation of a homely space.

In this case, we have three holiday apartments that we will show you below.

Project Details

Client: Private
Location: Caudete, Castilla La Mancha, Spain
Intervention area: 230m2
Estate: Finished

There are different profiles of travelers to accommodate in a holiday apartment, some give more importance to being able to cook, while others just want to have a good rest since they will spend the whole day visiting the city, so it is essential to find the hybrid for satisfy the basic needs of the different future guests.

The holiday apartments are differentiated by their chromatic composition, in this first apartment the green color prevails, which can be seen in the entrance door to the house and in the furniture used to develop the kitchen space. The apartment has a first rectangular space where there is a living room-kitchen, where it has all the necessary equipment.

The texturing of the bathroom is very daring and looks very nice with the rest of the colors and furniture. In this case, it was decided to cover both the floor and the perimeter of the shower with the same ceramic material.

The space intended for rest is very wide, and a bunk bed is chosen to be able to house a group of friends, in which each one will have their resting place and comforts.

The second apartment is endowed with a very daring color such as yellow, giving it a unique expressiveness, where the interior doors and kitchen furniture are placed in that color, to offer that identity to the tourist apartment.

The color combination is perfectly matched, including the small details in black such as the kitchen handles, the sink faucet or the headrest of the bed.

The bathroom inside the tourist apartment is made up of a circular mirror, sink with black taps, 1-leaf folding screen, shower area with a small niche to store hygiene products.


Finally, the last tourist apartment has a singularity, and it is that it is the conversion of an old cave into a home, which meets all the necessary conditions to be inhabited.

En este espacio se opta por unos colores más amables, diferenciando un cambio de color entre cocina y baño, como se puede observar en las imágenes. Dotando a ambos espacios de los equipamientos necesarios para desarrollar las actividades básicas.

In this space, more friendly colors are chosen, differentiating a color change between the kitchen and bathroom, as can be seen in the images. Providing both spaces with the necessary equipment to carry out basic activities.

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