Combination of styles. Complete reform in Alicante

Comprehensive housing reforms is a daily practice that takes place at Araque Maqueda, where the entire construction and aesthetic intervention process is managed, planned and executed in detail to offer the best results to our clients.

This reform is located in the center of the town of Alicante. From the beginning, the idea was to separate and organize the house between the day and night programs, exerting a change of style in both.

Project details

Client: Private
Location: Alicante, Spain
Program: Complet refurbish
Intervention area: 211,20 m²
Status: Finished


The hall is the first space that we perceive when we access the interior of a house, in this house we opted to paint the walls in a less neutral color such as blue combined with wooden furniture. From the hall, we can access the kitchen or the living room.

Living room

The living room is understood as a point that can lead to interactions with friends and family. In this space, neutral and simple materials are chosen, such as white and light-toned flooring, but it gains more strength when combined with the striking and elegant furniture. At the same time, there is a great entrance of light due to the window that gives access to the terrace.

A current trend in reforms is to bring concrete to light (decoratively speaking), it has an industrial character but at the same time it is easy to combine with many styles and materials, it allows us to break with the monotony of white and mark the different spaces.


One of the objectives was to integrate the exterior patio with the interior spaces, for which a window with a flush frame was placed both exterior and interior and with the placement of pavements with the same tonality, generating spatial flexibility.

With the new distribution we obtain a very large kitchen space, with about 34 m2 distributed in a central area with a table for 4 people. The kitchen acts in the house as a central point between all the rooms.


Great tact when choosing materials such as the ALPINUS granite kitchen countertop that offers us an incredible finish and texture, fits perfectly and combines with the chosen colors and designs. Showcases with black profile and smoked glass for storage.


In the evening program you can see how neutral-colored materials are chosen for the flooring, doors, false ceilings, but we rely on bright colors to break the monotony, obtaining a feeling of spaciousness in the spaces, and at the same time offering an attractive contrast.


SLIM resin shower tray with fixed screen, integrated column and background tiling using bohemian blue natural pieces, following the same idea of ​​cladding that breaks with the idea of ​​neutrality in the finishes.

Bethroom with bathroom

In the main room, all the space is grouped into one, including the rest area, shower, bathtub, sink and toilet without elements or partitions that divide the space. A great bet is made with finishes in coatings and sanitaryware.


Bath with faucet integrated in the copper-colored floor and niche with indirect lighting.

The image of the bathroom acquires a lot of strength and expression due to the chosen materials and their dark tones. Bamboo Noir is placed in the shower area with orange betas that combine with the shower taps.

The shower tray is made of black SLIM resin, integrating it into the bathroom as a whole, lending elegance to the whole.

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