Work to rehabilitate an old house

by | Nov 30, 2021

Today we present one of the jobs that we like to do the most, the comprehensive rehabilitation that we carry out in a home in the town of PINOSO. A modernization of the house was sought, but always respecting the essence of a traditional house and with something very important, preserving those high ceilings so characteristic that they give us a feeling of incredible space. We hope you enjoy the post as much as we do the rehabilitation.

The walls were rehabilitated by cleaning up the pathologies and the roof beams were cleaned, preserving as many as possible, replacing only those that were difficult to save. The intervigado was completely replaced as it was deteriorated due to the humidity produced by the rains.

The home in a house is a very important area, so it was decided to keep it and clean it up, and it was also taken advantage of to open a hole on each side of it to provide light to the room.

Something very important in renovations is to replace the original sanitation network with a new one, we will avoid future dampness and problems. In this bathroom, the substitution was used to modify the situation of the different sanitary devices and adapt them to the needs of the owners.

The new brick walls are used to pass the facilities, thus avoiding weakening the traditional walls.

These tiles in the kitchen continue to give that industrial touch that is sought, important to combine with light colors so as not to lose light in the room.

The new partitions always taking them up to the ceiling to preserve those characteristic heights.

Would you like to see how the work has been once finished?