House building process in Hondón de las Nieves (Alicante)

by | Oct 9, 2019

Below we present a sequence of videos showing the complete process of construction of a detached house in Hondón de las Nieves (Alicante) built by Araque Maqueda Construcciones y Rehabilitaciones.

In this “step by step” we expose our construction techniques and we show all the details that, although they are hidden once the work is finished, we consider the most important points for a quality house, regardless of its finishes.

This video summarizes the process of excavation and foundations of both the pool and the house itself. A very attractive point of this house is the proximity of the pool to the building. To solve this, a formwork was used to hold the foundations of the house until the building of the pool structure.

From the reinforcement and formwork of the pillars to the formation of slopes on the roof, this video shows the complete process of the structure construction. During the formation of the slab we include the necessary thermal insulation to guarantee an excellent energy performance throughout the house.

The roof structure was executed with a waffle slab of expanded polystyrene blocks that also contribute to the conservation of heat within the house in addition to lightening the structure.

In this phase all the exterior enclosures of the house were made. All the facades were insulated internally with the same material used in the slab creating a volume completely isolated from the external climate.

The roof was waterproofed with high-density asphalt foils and reinforced around the perimeter. The process ends filling the cover with water to check its perfect sealing.

The exterior finishes and carpentry of the building are shown in this last video. You can also see the complete construction process of the pool, from the structure to the final cladding.

It is exciting to enjoy the result of months of hard work in just a few minutes. This whole process has required the collaborative effort of many people and that is shown in each and every detail.

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