Renovation process of a single-family house in Pinoso

by | Apr 17, 2020

The process of renewing a building consists on returning it to its original state and adapt it to the needs of its inhabitants. In this building, both the finishes and the equipment were renewed trying to maintain the original essence of the building. Please slide the following images to see the before and after of the renovation works.

It is possible to change the use of a room to become into a bathroom whenever the conditions of the building allow it.

The redistribution of the interior walls and the demolishment of superfluous elements can help you to achieve open spaces.

During the renovation process it is possible to study the viability of opening new windows to provide of natural lighting the worst-lit corners, whenever the structure of the building allows it.

The original staircase was restored, preserving the existing materials and demolishing the brick walls to achieve a more luminous space.

The courtyard held a series of storage rooms built by the former owners. These structures were demolished to achieve the maximum possible natural lighting inside the house.

On the upper floor, the rooms were distributed for a better use of space and natural light.

In short, choosing the right materials and finishes during the renovation process can give the building a completely new character without losing its original essence.

Would you like to see the final result?